You’re probably willing to devote time and energy to social media because you realize the immense power it promises. Perhaps nothing else in the digital age helps your brand to grow and prosper quite like social media!

At the same time, there are only so many hours in the day, for both you and your employees. You want to build brand awareness and engage with your client base online, but successfully running a social media campaign can consume your life. That’s why so many business owners are turning to automation.

If you set up your system correctly, automation can help you accomplish the following goals.

1. Increase Engagement, Boost Your Presence, and Widen Your Reach

More consumers use social media at night or on weekends. So in many cases, those are the best times to post your content.

But you probably don’t want to consistently sacrifice your own down time; automating posts will eliminate that obstacle for you. Automation also helps to ensure that reach the widest audience possible, at a time when they’re most likely to engage with your posts and share them for an even wider reach.

If you plan to release time-sensitive news about your company, automating your posts on each of your platforms allows you to present a united front. Important updates will feel more powerful and impactful.

2. Have a Better Organized Campaign

You need to post consistently, at the right time, and target your posts toward the correct audience. In order to accomplish these goals without automation, you might feel glued to your computer or smartphone for much of the day. Set aside a bit of time each week and automate your posts. Then focus your energy elsewhere, knowing your campaign is well organized and running smoothly.

3. Save Time

As worthwhile as a social media campaign is, it does add a considerable number of tasks to your daily schedule. Posting, replying, and monitoring results can feel like a juggling act, especially when you’re also trying to run a business. Automating your social media posts can reduce the amount of man hours you spend on each platform.

4.  Make It Easier on Yourself

Humans make mistakes, and social media is no exception. Automating your posts can help reduce errors, and ensures that releases are timed correctly. You’ll not only spend less time at the computer creating your posts; you will make fewer errors that must be hurriedly fixed.

In case you’re wondering, social media automation does not feel less personal for your followers. In fact, taking the time to carefully consider each engagement and thoughtfully schedule it will have the opposite approach. Automation can help you make a maximum impact on social media, while reducing a lot of the hassle and “busy work”.

If you’re curious about social media automation, contact us to learn more. We can help you set up a system to manage your posting schedule, making social media more accessible and effective than ever.