Do you regularly tell yourself that you need a better social media strategy for your small business?  Perhaps you put in your best effort, but it never took off the way you expected. Whatever the problem, we have some good news for you. These four simple tweaks to your social media strategy can bring life back to your campaign. 

Evaluate your content.

One of the foundational principles of online marketing is that we adjust our expectations to match reality. For example, if you’re posting about topics that you find fascinating, and yet those posts rarely receive likes, shares or clicks, then maybe your audience doesn’t find them to be that compelling. Your expectations were reasonable, but the reality is that your audience is looking for something else. 

That’s okay! A good social media strategy evaluates audience response and evolves accordingly. Examine the metrics behind your social media strategy, and look for common themes. Does your audience respond to one type of post more than others? Did you receive negative feedback on anything you posted? Could your posts benefit from some editing? What other additions or changes could you make? 

Add strong visuals.

Photos and videos grab attention in a way that text-only posts simply do not. Plus, audiences are more likely to click the “share” button when a visual is included in a post. 

Photos or infographics are easy to add to your posts. Videos are a bit more tricky. If you do decide to shoot a few high-quality, informative videos, remember that you can use them on your website as well as social media. Video production does require more time and resources, but is a worthwhile investment. 

Adjust your post timing and frequency.

Crafting great content is only the first step; you need to ensure your audience will actually see your posts. 

Once again, take a deep dive into your social media post metrics. By examining this information you might uncover a pattern, and learn when your audience tends to be online. In many cases weekdays see the most social media traffic, but some audiences do vary from the norm. 

Time of day is important too; take note of these patterns, and then schedule your posts for the times your audience is most likely to see them. 

Consider boosting your posts.

Many social media platforms, such as Facebook, give you the option to “boost” posts. For a small fee, you can ensure that more of your target audience will see your posts in their newsfeeds.  It’s rarely required for every post, but consider boosting 3-4 posts per month in order to get more eyes on your content.  Often, just growing your audience and regaining their interest in your content will do the trick. 

Finally, remember that we strive to be a resource at your disposal. If you need greater clarification on any of the above strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can elaborate on these ideas and help you decide how to rejuvenate your social media strategy.