With prospects spending more time than ever in virtual spaces, many companies are attempting  to shift their lead generation efforts online as well.  While this strategy definitely has merit, proper planning and strategy is required to make it happen.   

8 critical elements to implement with any online lead generation campaign: 

Simplify Your Landing Page(s)

If you’re directing visitors to a landing page with an enticing offer, the point is to convince them to enter their contact information. Reduce potential distractions by removing other options such as navigation buttons and sidebars.  

Prompt Landing Page Visitors to Act with a FOMO

FOMO, or “fear of missing out” can serve as a powerful emotional trigger for those who are hesitating. Including a limit on time or quantity of giveaways can prompt visitors to go ahead and enter their contact information.  

Be Ready to Nurture

It is rare for an online lead to convert immediately into a sale.  While it may happen occasionally, the bulk of online leads require nurturing for an extended period of time.  Make sure you have, at minimum, an email drip campaign in place to assist with this process.

Make Your Landing Page Shareable

If you put forth effort to create a landing page, you might as well reap maximum use from it. More visitors means more conversions over time, right? Encourage visitors to share your landing page with social media plug-ins or reward offers. 

Cut Back on Clutter

Visitors will follow your call to action when you’ve addressed their pain points and they feel satisfied by the answers. Unnecessary clutter and unnecessary information serve as speed bumps, and slow down this process. Keep landing pages simple and to-the-point.  Make sure you consider how your page will look on a mobile device.

Get Involved on Social Media

Too many companies view social media as merely a publishing platform, rather than a way to interact with prospects and customers. But by monitoring comments and responding to questions, you can leverage the true benefits of social media to build trusting relationships. Those relationships can lead to both new business and repeat customers. 

Produce “Social Proof” 

Social media offers the opportunity for prospects to experience real-world proof of your company’s success. Testimonials and reviews serve as powerful, virtual “word of mouth” advertising, so make sure to add those capabilities to your social media pages. 

You might worry that a negative review can ruin your reputation, but in most cases the opposite is true. By responding positively to the occasional negative comment, you showcase your humanity and dedication to customer service. We all know that everyone makes mistakes, but not every company takes care of their customers satisfactorily. Therefore, even a negative review can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Publish Video Content 

More and more consumers are seeking video content, as they find the answers they need in a friendly and accessible format. Video provides a good ROI for you as well; each video you produce can be pushed across your website, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Just remember to take a unique approach to your video content; it will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The above steps are essential to gathering more leads online, but technology doesn’t come easily to everyone. If you need more clarification on these tactics, contact us. We’ll be happy to explain them in more detail and demonstrate how they work.