Most social media users scroll, and scroll, and scroll… until something catches their attention and compels them to stop. If you’re launching a social media marketing campaign, you want that “something” to be your content. But standing out from the endless sea of words and pictures can be a challenge, can’t it?

That’s why we turn to research, to investigate which types of content grab the most attention. And consistently, trends are pointing toward video. But what types of video? How do you produce it? What if you don’t have the budget for actors, sets, fancy lighting, and more?

No worries. There are actually five types of video that you can produce without investing in a professional Hollywood studio, and they all function great on social media. 


These videos concisely explain how to use your products or services, in a friendly way. The best news is that you can simply record yourself (or an employee) giving the demonstration, and you only need to edit the video for length and clarity. No fancy special effects necessary! Just remember to get to the point within the first minute of the video, and keep it moving along at a snappy pace. 

If the idea of tutorials interests you, just remember these key steps:

  • Ask your audience which types of tutorials would interest them
  • Keep techniques simple and avoid using tools your audience is not likely to own
  • Include a clear call to action at the end of the video
  • Actively read and respond to audience questions in the comments section

Informational/Educational Videos

Grow your audience loyalty and brand awareness by producing informational videos on topics relevant to your company. Remember to analyze your target audience, and craft your message to reach them at their current level of knowledge. 

Consider different ways of presenting the information; clever, motivational, or humorous messages are more entertaining and encourage more shares than simple, dry information. Make sure that your brand’s personality comes through in the content. And most importantly: Sum up the information neatly, without adding too many extraneous details, and don’t add unnecessary time to the video. 

As you produce your informational videos, remember to watch the comments and check out your analytics behind the scenes. You need to know which videos perform best with your audience, so that you can produce more of a similar vein in the future. 

“Behind the Scenes” Videos

If you want to show your audience why your brand is unique, a behind-the-scenes video is the way to go. This is the best way to show your target demographic what you’re all about, and what sets you apart from the competition. 

With behind-the-scenes videos, you can get very creative. Just check out these examples:

  • Demonstrate day-to-day operations
  • Offer an “inside look” to manufacturing processes
  • Showcase employees
  • Offer input from happy customers
  • Share fun or amusing anecdotes
  • Disclose a “secret”

Behind-the-scenes videos tell the intimate story of your brand, so infuse these videos with personality! 

Go “Live”

Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and other streaming platforms offer you the chance to connect with your audience in a way that feels spontaneous, exciting, and candid. Live videos work best for splashy announcements, or as a way to connect with your audience regarding more serious matters. If you set up the Live video as a Q&A session, your audience will feel involved and valued, and are more likely to stick with you throughout the entire video. 

Live video simply carries an air of importance that is difficult to ignore. But before you get started, address these issues:

  • Test your setup to ensure all equipment works well in advance of your live sessions
  • Invest in solid technology so that your lighting and sound is top notch
  • Let your audience know you’ll be going live so that they can plan to watch
  • Consider regularly scheduled livestreams to gather a loyal audience
  • Utilize all tools at your disposal, such as Facebook’s Premieres, to increase visibility

User-Generated Video

User-generated videos are the latest trend in the streaming video world. Audience members are more enthusiastic about sharing videos they created, and other users get a kick out of watching them because they don’t feel “preachy” or like “advertising”. And, as audience members watch each others’ videos, they begin to form a shared identity that is subconsciously linked to your brand!

Simply ask your audience to submit their own videos on a topic relating to your brand, and then upload them with catchy hashtags reflecting your marketing campaign. Encourage them to showcase their own personalities, and reward participants with acknowledgement for their efforts. Everyone likes to feel valued, after all. 

Just remember these simple rules:

  • Make sure to correctly attribute videos to the makers
  • Encourage participants to share their videos from your page
  • Encourage audience feedback by asking them to vote on their favorites
  • Consider making the campaign a contest and award a prize of some sort

Now that you’ve learned about five catchy video styles to snag more attention on social media, which one appeals to you most? What do you think would best showcase your company? How do you feel about venturing into video production? 

Reach out to us with your questions or insights, and we can help you develop your ideas into compelling video content. Together we can take your social media marketing campaign to a whole new level.