As we all stock up and hunker down to ride out the coronavirus outbreak, many small businesses are asking themselves, “now what?”

For those with just a few employees, whose primary source of marketing is face-to-face interactions and community networking events, a major shift could be on the horizon as events are cancelled.

What are you doing to make sure your business can survive the pandemic?

Consider implementing these strategies ASAP:

1. Nurture Your Existing Clients and Prospects

Now’s the time to make sure you are sending out regular email communications, website updates, and social media posts. If you can’t be seen in person, make sure you are seen digitally.

All of these actions work to keep you “top of mind”, even during times of uncertainty. In fact, as schools and businesses close down, most people are spending more time on social media. If you aren’t making an effort here, you’re missing an opportunity.

2. Embrace Virtual Meetings

If your business typically relies on face-to-face marketing, seminars, and social events, consider video calls, live video streams, and webinars.

Offer clients and prospects the option of a Facetime call or use a free service such as Zoom or Skype to get that face-to-face interaction.

If live seminars are important to your business model, you can record a presentation several different ways from the comfort of your home or office. Upload it to YouTube and you’ll have a way to offer education to your target audience and maintain social distancing. Since restaurants, schools, libraries, and community centers are opting to remain closed for a while, you’ve got to adapt in order to keep your business model moving forward.

3. Use Teamwork Software

You can keep your team communicating, even if they need to work from home, by using softwares such as Slack, Skype, Asana, and other teamwork solutions. Most offer free versions and the ability to collaborate with multiple team members simultaneously. You can team chat, send documents, track projects, and much more.

Contact us to learn more about targeted email campaigns, blogging, videos, social media, software options, and more. We can help you put solutions in place so your business won’t suffer in the coming weeks and months. And when the pandemic threat is over, you’ll have additional tools in place that make your business more efficient and more productive.