I’m hearing many business owners say that their business is struggling right now, which is understandable.  But if your business has slowed (or even stopped temporarily) it may be time for you to look back at the many marketing tasks that you’ve been saying you “don’t have time to do” over the past year.

Be a Leader!

There’s a good chance that you are secluded with your family right now, or perhaps sitting alone at your office, or maybe your are continuing to interact cautiously with a small staff.  In any case, if things are slow, you can take your company down the path of self-pity, or down the path of leadership!

What Are Your Customers Doing Right Now?

Take a guess at what many of your clients, customers, and prospects are doing RIGHT NOW if they can’t leave their homes.  My money is on the internet.  Phones, computers, laptops, and tablets are burning up with usage right now.  So if you can already predict that your audience is online, you need to be there with positive and engaging content.

If you haven’t implemented the following strategies into your business model, the last few weeks should have shown you how important they are to keeping your company rolling through tough times.

1. Blogging

Use this time to be educating and informing your target audience.  There are scores of people looking for content that does NOT involve Covid-19.  You could be providing a much needed break and growing your audience.

Blogging actually serves multiple purposes within your overall marketing strategy, such as:

  • Attracting visitors to your website
  • Building your credibility within your industry
  • Providing you with relevant content to post on social media
  • Inspiring confidence and loyalty among your customers and prospects

Even if you are already blogging, right now would be a great time to boost your effort and do more of it.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to reach out to your customers personally and directly.  If they ever needed to hear from you, it’s now!

Customize your content to make it relevant to the current events, but keep your message positive!   You may not be able to see clients in your office, but they can see you regularly in their inboxes.  Make sure they know that you are still just a phone call away.

3. Video Conferences

If your business depends on face-to-face meetings, get on board with a service like Zoom.  It’s free and easy to learn.

Let your clients know that you are available during this period of social distancing via a video conference.  Chances are, few (if any) of your competitors are offering this service so you can be the stand-out in your industry and create customer loyalty by being different and innovative.

4. Video Marketing

You probably have a smart phone, right?  Great!  Consider recording short messages for your clients and getting them out via email or social media.

If you have some really important clients, and chances are you do, record a brief video message just to say hello and let them know they are on your mind.  Send it to them via text message if you can.  Personal messaging goes a long way toward client loyalty and retention.

5. Social Media Marketing

Seems like everyone is on social media right now, and many are getting tired of the “bad news” and negativity.  You can be a positive voice and capture some attention by posting content that offers people some relief from coronavirus talk.

Here are a few tips:

  • Focus on sharing relevant information, but avoid being political.
  • Avoid self promotion – no one wants to read your blatant advertising right now.
  • Get creative! Use funny, educational or interesting photos
  • Keep it light!  No one wants more “heavy” content right now.
  • Read comments and reply personally
  • Keep it positive!  There are enough negative things going around.

6. Text Messaging

Let’s not forgot how important it is to retain good clients!  If you have their cell phone number, send a brief text just to say hi and wish them well.  I guarantee they’ll be impressed and they’ll appreciate the gesture.

7.  Webinars

If you have been building your business through the use of live seminars, now is the time to venture into the world of webinars!  We’re already working with clients who have successfully done this and by implementing it now, you’ll be adding another marketing tool into your arsenal that will continue to benefit you when the pandemic scare is over.

We Can Help!

If you need help implementing any of these strategies into your business model, don’t wait!  Take action by contacting us and we’ll give your business high priority in getting started.