As the name implies, “content” is the key to a strong content marketing campaign. You need content that the average reader will find engaging and informative.  Content can consist of web pages, blog articles, email copy, social media posts, and even if you are creating videos, someone must first write a script.

So it’s clear that effective marketing requires strong writing skills, but not everyone is a writer, no matter how brilliant and successful they are otherwise. Plus, many professionals are simply too busy to churn out content on a regular basis. The solution: Hire a ghostwriter.

It’s a common strategy; at least 60 percent of books ostensibly authored by celebrities were actually ghostwritten. That shouldn’t surprise you. While politicians, actors, and other famous people are terrific at what they do, writing is a highly specialized skill.

Hiring a ghostwriter is even more common in the marketing world. It’s the ideal solution for busy professionals who otherwise don’t have time to run a marketing campaign on their own. But if you’re still hesitant about the idea, here are five steps to help you successfully navigate these unfamiliar waters.

Let the writer do what they do best. Just as you have dedicated your career to law, finance, medicine, or some other specialty, a writer is dedicated to honing their own craft.

Sometimes highly educated people are so good at what they do, that they forget the knowledge level of the average reader. The result can be lengthy, highly technical blogs that would earn high scores in postgraduate school, but don’t exactly encourage internet surfers to come back for more.

The point of content marketing is to speak directly to your typical client base, without overwhelming them with technical details. A skilled ghostwriter will take input from you and then craft content that engages your audience.

Yes, a ghostwriter can understand your profession! Obviously, you’re an expert in your field. But ghostwriters are experts at language. This means they can learn enough of your industry jargon to then translate that information for your readers. The result is content that gets your point across, but in a friendly and captivating way.

Encourage your ghostwriter to ask questions. In fact, they should be asking some of the same questions your typical client would ask. If not, try to direct the conversation in that direction. This helps your writer to get into the buyer’s mindset.

Don’t expect the content to sound like you. It’s an understandable impulse; after all, this content will be representing you on the internet! But resist the temptation to over-edit your ghostwriter’s work.

The information should be factually true, of course, and occasionally edits might be needed in that regard. Otherwise, try to relax and let the writer’s voice direct the content. Expertly capturing audience attention is why you hired a writer in the first place.

Speak up. Your ghostwriter is a member of your marketing team, and teams work best when everyone collaborates. If you want to cover a particular topic or present information in a certain way, bring your ideas to the table.

On that note, what ideas do you have for your content? Give us a call to discuss blogs, emails, or social media posts, and we’ll help you put those ideas into compelling words that tell your story.