These days, most business owners recognize the power of content marketing in helping them to develop a brand image and form relationships with potential clients. In order to gain followers and keep them interested, you must offer them information that they find useful in some way.

And you probably already know that in order to stay “top of mind”, you must regularly distribute content to your target demographic. But that translates into a significant burden, as you must constantly create new content that speaks to your audience… Or do you?

What if you could create content that remains relevant for years, and could be used over and over again to continually attract new attention to your brand? That’s the idea behind evergreen webinars, which focus on the foundational principles of your market niche. You can record a webinar once and continue to use it over time to passively generate more attention and interest for your company.

Why else would you consider an evergreen webinar? The benefits are numerous, but can include…

It works even when you don’t. Evergreen webinars allow you to take a break from your pursuit of new content and achieve a greater work-life balance. Do you dream of relaxing on the beach while your products or ideas sell themselves? An evergreen webinar can get you started in that direction.

Gain new followers and prospects without the constant effort. Once you make your evergreen webinar available online, just a little work will be required to maintain its visibility. It will go to work for you, attracting new followers around the clock, while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Your list can grow organically. When you create a quality evergreen webinar and make it shareable, many of your viewers will actually do some of the marketing work for you! They will share your link on social media or email it to friends, allowing each new viewer to become a potential source for many more.

Evergreen webinars are a unique “value added” proposition. If you invest the time, energy, and cost into creating and promoting an evergreen webinar, you will immediately stand out from the competition within your market. Regardless of your industry, very few of your competitors will take the extra effort required for this type of marketing. This enables you to reach audiences that they probably are not reaching.

Evergreen webinars aren’t necessarily right for every situation, but you should definitely consider them if…

  • You’re promoting an evergreen product (something that doesn’t change constantly in response to trends or time limits)
  • You won’t need to constantly update the content
  • You prefer to promote your business on “autopilot”, so that you don’t have to constantly produce new material
  • Your specific presentation doesn’t require live participation or interaction

Now, you might be wondering exactly which types of content work best for an evergreen webinar. Look back through your old blog articles and videos and first check for content that received a positive response. Then, ask yourself whether this content is still relevant today. Use the information as your springboard to create a pre-recorded webinar that is educational, provides a testimonial, or is “how to” in nature.

Finally, you need to promote your webinar, register users, create a system for playback, and then set up a customized, targeted follow-up strategy. Yes, that sounds like a lot of work, but once you establish your process it can be used over and over again. Contact us to learn more about maximizing the impact of your evergreen webinar, and we will show you how easy it is to create content that works even while you’re sleeping.