Do you ever feel lost or challenged trying to come up with new and interesting ways to promote your business?

Do you struggle with presenting information to your target audience consistently without feeling like you’re saying the same thing over and over again?

After a while it can feel like you’re trying to constantly reinvent the wheel. But what if we told you there’s a way to rejuvenate your marketing campaign AND keep things “fresh”?

The secret isn’t even very complicated. If you’ve already come up with successful content ideas in the past, you can wring more value out of those ideas by repurposing those materials. You already know the ideas appeal to your audience; now you just need to present those ideas in a new way to recapture their attention.

Some of us picture creativity as the ability to think of new ideas. But another form of creativity is the ability to present the same idea in different ways, to appeal to different targets.

How do you go about repurposing prior content?

First, take a look back at your most successful content. Doing this gives you insight into the type of information your audience wants from you, so that you can provide them more of what they value.

Then, ask yourself if this information should be updated in any way. Has there been any news or further developments regarding this topic, that you should share with your audience? Can you follow up on this topic to see if anything has changed?

Also, break apart information, and investigate whether you can explore one facet of your content in more detail. For example, a blog about common tax filing mistakes could be broken down to explain each of those mistakes with additional information.

Finally, consider whether this information could be presented in a different format. Some people like to read blogs, and some prefer to watch videos. Visually-oriented people prefer infographics, whereas others better understand verbal instructions. Not everyone participates in social media; they prefer the direct contact of email instead. Presenting similar information, but in different media formats, can result in wider exposure within your target demographic.

Aside from making the most of your best ideas, repurposing content serves another purpose. We tend to remember information better when we’ve seen it numerous times, and presented in different ways. So if you want your target audience to really understand your brand, creative repetition is the way to go!

Are you looking for new content ideas, or do you feel stuck trying to repurpose old ones? Give us a call, and we will explain our brainstorming process in greater detail.