You may have begun a social media for your small business because you understand the importance of keeping up with current trends. In fact, social media marketing itself requires you to continually update your strategy and stay current with what works in the digital marketing world. One of the latest trends utilized by forward-thinking companies, is to tap into employee potential as brand ambassadors.

Perhaps you are currently writing blogs and posting them on your chosen platform. Your followers can read your content, click the “like” button, and this drives traffic to your website. Unfortunately, over time, Facebook and other platforms have tweaked their news feed algorithms and social media users have also evolved, and this has resulted in fewer people seeing the posts on your business page.

The basis of the problem can be explained in the following manner…

News Feed Algorithms vs User Behavior

If you’ve noticed that your posts don’t receive as much engagement anymore, it might be due to algorithms which limit how content is displayed in your followers’ feeds. Those with reactions and comments receive higher priority, and are more likely to see your posts in their newsfeed. It’s a bit like a snowball effect. The more they interact with your content, the more of it they will see. But it can be more difficult to get that snowball moving these days.

That situation is compounded by the different ways in which people are using social media today. As news feeds become increasingly cluttered with content, and as users become more internet-savvy, they might restrict the number of reactions, comments, and shares they offer in return. They simply don’t have time or interest to engage with everything they see. As you might expect, this creates even more difficulty in getting that snowball moving.

This is where your own employee brand ambassadors can help you out. Here’s how you can increase your content distribution rate without increasing your marketing costs:

Tap Into Employee Potential to Influence Social Media for Your Small Business

Consider this scenario: You view a television commercial informing you of the experience and professionalism of a particular mortgage company. We’ll call it Company X. How much impression does this single ad make upon you? Are you convinced?

Now imagine that tomorrow, you’re chatting with a friend who mentions their recent home refinance. She raves about how easy the process was, and the terrific service she received from Company X.

If you’re feeling more convinced to choose Company X now, due to your friend’s recommendation, you aren’t alone: 83 percent of consumers trust the opinions of people they know. That’s why word-of-mouth marketing is still so powerful, even if our methods must be updated to keep pace in the digital landscape.

So, how do your employees fit into this picture? Simply ask your employees to engage with your posts on social media. In particular, they should share any posts that feel relevant to themselves or their own contacts. This can help to get that algorithm snowball moving, and serves as a powerful word-of-mouth recommendation for your company.

As with any other marketing strategy, follow a few simple guidelines when recruiting employees to act as social media ambassadors:

Keep in mind that not all employees will want to participate. Some don’t use social media, or heavily restrict their use, while others might view this request as intrusive.
Evaluate the employee’s level of knowledge regarding social media use. A poorly worded post or share is probably more detrimental than no posts at all.

As employees begin to act as your ambassadors online, others will likely feel encouraged to join in. As your social media reach grows, stay in touch with us for more information on digital marketing strategies. We can help you stay current in this quickly changing landscape, and employ the marketing methods that keep track with up-to-date trends.