We are well into 2019 now, which begs the question…  what marketing improvements have you made for your business in the first few months of 2019?  Will this year be any better than last?  If so, then congratulations!  You are making strides and moving your business in a positive direction.  If not, there is still time to make subtle changes in your marketing plan that can make 2019 your best year ever.  Doing this, however, will require one major ingredient and it might surprise you to learn what it is.

Knowing that digital marketing is launching other businesses to success, you might be eager to assemble your own strategy. But keep in mind that many goals turn out like that fabled diet that everyone always thinks will change their lives. With all of the right intentions, you might embark enthusiastically upon a digital marketing campaign, only to burn yourself out within a few months. Much like a yo-yo dieter, you could achieve brief results, followed by a disappointing return to your starting point.

If you’re going to do something, you want to do it right. That’s how you built your business, and you want to apply the same mindset to your marketing strategy, too. So remember the number one ingredient to a successful digital marketing campaign isn’t flashy advertisements or round-the-clock tweeting. The most important part of your marketing campaign is consistency.

Consistency is important because of the way the human mind works. You want both your current and prospective clients to remember you when they need your services. But your business won’t be the first one that comes to mind, unless you put your business name in front of their eyes repeatedly. Bombarding them for a few months and then dropping off the radar won’t work. No matter how enthusiastic your campaign is, it simply won’t be memorable unless you stick with it, consistently, for the long haul.

A digital marketing campaign is not a goal you can accomplish, and then forget about it. When people take that approach with their diets, they quickly gain back any weight they had lost. When businesses take that approach with their marketing campaigns, their target audience forgets about them. The key to long-term success is to make a long-term effort!

Make a plan and stick to it. We’re glad you’re excited about launching your marketing campaign, but remember to spread your resources over time so that you don’t burn out. Your strategy should consist of:

  • Regular blogging (four times per month is a good goal)
  • Posting on social media, replying to questions, sharing an occasional joke or picture , reviewing contact requests, and answering personal messages consistently (set aside one or two hours per week to do this)
  • Contacting your target audience by email to offer updates, a newsletter, links to your blog, or other information that will help them (about once per week)

What did you notice about the above list? For one thing, it’s good to spread your efforts across several channels. That way you can ensure that you’re reaching more of your audience, using modes of communication that they prefer. Seeing your name on more than one channel also promotes greater familiarity in their minds.

You might also notice that we offered suggestions on how frequently you should do these things. Your contacts should be spaced far enough that you aren’t overwhelming your audience, but frequently enough that they don’t forget about you. Maintaining a consistent relationship with your prospects is the best way to ensure that you’re at the top of their minds when they need your services.