As we move into the post-coronavirus world, many of us are finding that business has changed forever. As consumer behavior evolves, so must business strategy – especially with regard to marketing. 

While many of those changes are yet to emerge in the weeks and months to come, here’s what we know about content marketing right now. Most importantly, these changes point toward content marketing becoming more important than ever. 

Traditional advertising is a thing of the past

In a culture that has become hyper-aware of germs, mailings and physical materials have lost much of their relevance. With everyone still spending more time at home, afraid to indulge in too many non-essential outings or vacations, things like highway billboards are practically useless.  The world is more digital now than ever.

Television advertising has changed forever.

Already on its way out before the coronavirus pandemic, television advertising is now at its lowest point ever. People are spending more time on their devices than ever, but they aren’t watching cable TV. Smartphone and tablet use accounts for the bulk of online time, and that time is spent on social media and streaming networks. Therefore, social media marketing will become more relevant to consumers as television marketing becomes a thing of the past. 

Sales pitches will be seen as obnoxious.

With most consumers working with tighter budgets at this time, obvious sales pitches and pushy ads will seem obnoxious. A more long-term marketing approach such as building relationships and providing useful information, will become the key to most consumers’ hearts. 

Leadership and relationships have become even more important. 

From the talking heads on the news, to the politicians battling in Congress, most consumers are getting mixed messages from “authorities” these days. The time is ripe for clear, trustworthy leadership to emerge – and that just happens to be the underlying point of content marketing!

Stories reach hearts and minds.

Consumers are indeed wary of obvious, pushy sales pitches. Brands that tell a story will be seen as a welcome and refreshing change, with which people can bond and view as an important part of their lives. 

Content marketing meets consumers where they are. 

Yes, one day we might all feel more confident about spending more time in restaurants, movie theaters, and crowded concert venues. But for now (and the foreseeable future) most people will still be spending more time at home. With much of that time spent online, an enormous audience has opened up for content marketers. 

Consumers need answers.

As businesses open back up, consumers will understandably have questions. Has your business changed? How are you supporting customers? Are your hours, location, or operating procedures different now? What are you doing to help the public stay safe? All of these questions, and more, give business owners an opportunity to connect with an eager audience. 

We’ve all learned that life can be somewhat unpredictable. But if you’re betting on anything right now, content marketing would be a safe choice. To learn more about how a content marketing strategy could specifically help your business reach its target demographic, contact us and we can help you take advantage of an incredibly welcoming online environment.