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Eight Ways Use Video on Your Website

Video Blog:   Not much different from a normal blog, but video adds more personality, allows you to build rapport, and helps you to create a level of trust with your audience faster and easier than text.

“How to” Videos:  One of the best ways to attract loyal followers is to provide valuable information that actually teaches your audience how to perform a task that interests them.  For instance, if you own a car detailing business, you may want to show a simple technique for applying wax to your car or for removing minor scratches.

Video Tour:  Many of your potential customers would like a “back stage” glance at your company.  Show them what happens behind the scenes and build your credibility.

FAQ’s: What are the top five questions that your customers tend to ask?  Use video to answer them!

Corporate Overview:  This is where you tell your company story.  Who are you, what do you do, and perhaps most importantly-  WHY you do what you do!  Your prospects need and want this information.

Product Demonstration:  If you’re selling a product that is unique, fun, complicated, or in any way intriguing, video is the best way for you to show it off.

Industry News:  Every industry out there undergoes changes and updates on a regular basis.  You can communicate this news via video and capture more attention.

Case Studies and Testimonials:  There is nothing better on video than actual customers singing your praises.  In today’s world, testimonials and third party credibility mean everything and a testimonial video will pay for itself many times over.

Remember, in addition to putting these videos on your website, you’ll want to at least put them on YouTube where others might find them and thus, find YOU!  Make sure to include a link back to your company website in the description of each video that you post to YouTube.

Best advice–  have fun and smile!  Your video does not have to be perfect in order to be effective.