The “buzz” word in marketing today is Social Media.  Why?  Because the general public has made the conscious decision that they want to play a more active role in making informed buying decisions.  The internet has put information at our fingertips 24/7 and those businesses that excel at providing quality content to consumers are rewarded with loyal followers and customers.

However, what most business owners fail to realize is that a blog is the most important component of any Social Media campaign!

Marketing with Reciprocity

Reciprocity is defined as “a mutual giving and receiving”.

Traditional advertising is a solicitation for business.  The advertiser typically offers no value or benefit to the end consumer unless that consumer becomes a paying customer.

In stark contrast, today’s most effective marketers are adept at providing value in exchange for loyalty, brand awareness, and repeat web visitors.  In the end, this translates to sales conversions.

Reality– 99{c55e560418ce770390e014a82a8daba02ae2bc5167395c1376161ff6ec3b989b} of the people you market to will NOT be ready to buy your product or service.

The concept of reciprocity is simple:  Provide useful information that compels and attracts your target audience, encourages them to engage with you, and rewards them for continuing to return.

Q: How can you accomplish this?

A: With a strategic combination of blogging and email marketing.

Q: Did you just say email?  Email marketing is dead!

A:  Email marketing is only dead for those who don’t know how to do it properly.

Answer these basic questions:

•    What are the most common frustrations faced by your customers?
•    When it comes to your industry, what typically confuses your customers most?
•    What is the most asked question you hear from customers?
•    Name three aspects of your industry that people need to understand.
•    What aspect of your business do people find to be most fascinating?

If you can provide these answers, you have the foundation for your blog content.

Next, by formulating creative and compelling content based on your answers to the bullet points above, you now have a useful “tool” for your target market audience.

The final step of this process then involves proper segmentation of your database (if you don’t have a database in place for your past clients, prospects, and referral partners you are missing out on a great deal of repeat and referral business).  By using a strategic, yet simple approach to emailing this database, you can create a lucrative source of traffic back to your website or blog.

Start by building a blog today and stay tuned to our future blog posts where we’ll provide more details on this winning marketing method!

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