As our lives are upended and businesses quickly shift strategy during the coronavirus outbreak, you might be wondering how your social media marketing strategy fits into this new world.

On one hand, you might worry that your marketing efforts seem irrelevant during a time of emergency. On the other hand, it would be a shame to turn away from your followers at such a critical time, and to abandon relationships that have been working out so well.

Each business should evaluate the needs of their target demographic individually, and make a decision that suits the direction of their business right now. In almost all cases your social media marketing strategy should shift to reflect the changes we all face, but should not disappear entirely. Otherwise you could be ignoring some worthwhile opportunities, and here’s why…

Digital presence is more important than ever.

As your target audience practices social distancing at home, social media use has skyrocketed. Now is the time to be noticed by more users than ever. If you can continue your campaign, you just might wring more value from it than ever before.

Some of your competitors will disappear.

Despite our opinion on the matter, some businesses will decide to step away from social media at this time. Their loss can be your gain, as your shared demographic senses their absence.

Brand awareness is a low-cost, long-term exercise.

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does need to be consistent. Over time you can build your brand awareness by exhibiting a regular and dependable presence. Stay in front of your audience to remain top of mind, but consider switching to general brand awareness messages if you believe more aggressive marketing is not appropriate at this time.

Build relationships now; worry about selling later.

During times of anxiety, social media users will notice those who step forward to present confident leadership. You now have an opportunity to establish yourself as an approachable expert in your field.

Gain new followers and deepen your relationship with your current audience by offering tips, discounts, freebies, or expanded services that help them feel safe. Present a positive and reassuring image at this time, and the effort won’t be forgotten later when your followers are ready to make a commitment.

Need help?

Contact us to learn more about shifting your social media marketing messages during this important time. We can help you decide how to best reach out to your target demographic, make a positive impression, and inspire the trust and loyalty that forms the basis of all great relationships.