Considering that you can learn just about anything on the internet, it’s no wonder the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture has grown exponentially in recent years. People are DIY-ing everything from bathroom remodels to business startups. 

If you’re a business owner who prefers to DIY your social media marketing, it’s important to first understand that there is a drastic difference between posting occasionally on your personal social media platforms and managing a content campaign for your business. A successful social media marketing campaign requires considerable time, energy, and consistent effort, but it’s certainly possible. 

Here are four things you need to know, if you want to organize and implement your own marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media site. 

Get organized.

While many of us view personal social media accounts as a place to randomly share pictures and life updates, a business account must be organized. Your followers need to hear a clear, consistent message from you, and you need to stay “top of mind” on a regular basis. That means you can’t post whenever you remember to or feel like it. You need a schedule, you must plan your posts thoughtfully, and you should post regularly. 

Utilize your feedback.

One of the great things about social media is that most sites provide tools that help you closely monitor your progress. Track and record post metrics, such as likes, shares, and engagement. This information can help you deduce which topics are of most interest to your audience, and what kind of posts they want to see from you. Over time you will learn to create content that draws more interest and loyalty to your brand. 

Consistently consider new content.

Even the most-liked content can become boring over time. A successful social media campaign builds on the dependable staples, but grows over time to keep the audience interested. Set aside time to browse related pages on social media, and subscribe to email updates on industry news. When you seek a variety of information you will come up with new ideas for posts that challenge and engage your own audience. 

Consider management tools.

The market provides a number of social media management tools, to help you automate posts, schedule posts, analyze feedback data, and much more. Even DIY-ers need the right tools for the job. Rather than try to do everything on your own, investigate the different tools available to oversee your marketing campaign. 

Of course, outsourcing these tasks is always an option. No one says you must hire your own marketing department; luckily, there are independent marketing firms available to handle these tasks for you. If you decide that DIY sounds too overwhelming, contact us to learn more about our services. We manage our clients’ social media campaigns for them, so they can devote more time to running their businesses.