We can all agree that leaving 2020 behind us, and stepping into a new year, is something we all desperately need right now. While most of us view this as a time for a fresh start, 2021 will hopefully provide both immense relief and growth in all areas. Due to the rapid changes in the ways we live and do business, the digital world is certainly one of those areas. 

For business owners, staying on top of trends can be one key to success. Here’s what 2021 has to offer in the field of digital marketing. 


Virtual events are growing in popularity.

We know that business owners who respond to market demands are successful business owners. In 2020 that idea proved true like never before. As most of the world sheltered at home, virtual events for work, learning, and leisure exploded in popularity. 

Now that we’ve all realized the potential of virtual events for both convenience and safety, it may be awhile before we ever go back. Virtual events are here to stay and provide significant opportunities for those who harness them. 


Chat bots will be considered essential website components.

Automation is another trend that has cut across all areas of our lifestyles. Web users have become increasingly comfortable with allowing chatbots to assist them in navigating websites, quickly locating the desired information, and moving them down the sales funnel when applicable. 

In fact, chat bots are practically expected at this point. Just as a business description, location feature, or blog are all essential components of a website, chat bots are becoming a cornerstone of web navigation as well. 


Marketing will become increasingly personalized.

Business owners know that the sales funnel is indeed a process, not a single stimulus-response scenario. Personalized marketing has evolved as a way to identify the customer’s position in the funnel, generate information geared toward that position, and nudge them along in the journey toward commitment. We do this in the form of email messages that are focused on the customer. 


Social media is more important than ever.

We’ve always said that social media is here to stay, and has significantly influenced the way we interact with the world. Once again, the changes we saw in 2020 have only made social media even more important in our lives. Now, a social media presence is not just a bonus, but viewed as an absolute requirement for businesses. The addition of features such as Facebook Marketplace even allows businesses to both begin and complete the entire sales process in one place. 

Of course, keeping up with trends can feel hectic and time-consuming. Consulting with experts, who are already monitoring the evolution of the digital landscape, will save you significant time and energy as you adjust your marketing campaign. To learn more about any of this year’s cutting edge digital marketing trends, contact us and we’ll be happy to demonstrate how they can benefit your business.