Considering that 92 percent of B2B companies are utilizing content marketing, you probably already realize the importance of it. But unless you’re actively analyzing, strategizing, and making adjustments as you go, you might not see the results you had hoped for. 

1. Blog Creatively and Consistently

Producing well-written, informative, and helpful blog posts is still one of the best ways to achieve many of your marketing goals. For example, each post on your website boosts your exposure and increases consumer confidence in these four ways:

  • Boosts user engagement; keep users on your website longer
  • Search engine optimization; organic traffic from search engines prioritizes original written content
  • Earns more social media shares and exposure
  • Improves brand reputation and focus on user experience

Blogging not only draws more visitors to your website, but it also gives those visitors a reason to stick around longer. At the same time, keywords and links in your blog posts can boost your search engine optimization, which attracts web surfers who are already looking for a product or service like yours. 

And of course, those who enjoy your blog content will be more likely to share it on social media, increasing your exposure on potentially many channels. 

Finally, you can put your best foot forward by speaking directly to customers, offering helpful tips, sharing information they need, and more. This strengthens your company image. 

2. Hone Your Social Media Strategy

The average person spends 142 minutes on social media each day (and that’s the average).  Certain demographics might be scrolling their news feeds far more than that! 

That’s why we can’t underestimate the power of maintaining a consistent social media presence. Put forth a purposeful effort and give your target demographic reason to keep you top of mind. 

Having said that, social media strategy involves a lot more than simply creating a profile and posting sporadically. We recommend:

  • Research to choose the right platform for your target group
  • Analyze your audience’s needs, interests, and concerns
  • Generate content that responds to those needs, interests, and concerns
  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it
  • Follow proper social media etiquette
  • Respond to your audience’s comments or messages

3. Shoot Video Content

Some experts estimate video content will account for 92 percent of all internet traffic by 2021. Video has proven to captivate internet user attention and serves a multitude of purposes. Just about any topic, from DIY instructions and educational material, to professional presentations and entertaining content, can translate well into video format. 

Videos have been proven to generate higher engagement, as many internet users are simply more captivated by motion. Many can’t resist the pull of a “play” button in their news feed. 

As they move toward a “video first” platform, Facebook is giving more preference to this type of content. Instagram and other platforms are following suit. 

Here’s a Hint: Repurpose Your Content!

While putting all three of these strategies to work might seem like a daunting task, keep in mind that content can be repurposed for all three techniques. 

Begin by putting together a brief article on an appropriate topic and post it on your blog.  Follow that up with a corresponding social media post to the various platforms you utilize.  Then, use the article as a guideline for a video script which you can shoot professionally or by simply using your smart phone.

Repeat this process 3-4 times per month and you’re well on our way to “besting” your competitors who likely will NOT make this type of effort! 

So, if you’re feeling a bit underwhelmed with your current digital marketing effort, or would like to refresh your online image while boosting results, we strongly encourage you to focus on these three pillars of content marketing. Blogging, social media, and video all complement one another and create a cohesive strategy.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for assistance. We can help you take your content marketing strategy from “How?” to “WOW!”