You may have experienced a sudden shift in the way you do business, and you might be feeling uncertain of how to move forward under these new and unfamiliar circumstances. 

Luckily, digital marketing experts have been working remotely and online for quite some time now. We’ve grown adept at utilizing virtual tools such as video, and we can help you integrate these tools into your daily operations. 

In fact, businesses that creatively adapt to difficult situations often generate the most enthusiastic response among clients, and are usually the ones who come out on top. So with that idea in mind, consider these four methods of incorporating video into your daily business practices. 

Video Meetings

Using Zoom or Google Hangouts, open a virtual meeting space and invite other members to join. This platform works best for groups, but can also be used on a 1:1 basis when needed. 

Video Calls

More personal than a phone call, video calls allow you to speak to clients face to face. Adding the visual aspect to a phone call can often cut back on the necessity of meeting in person or visiting a client’s home. FaceTime, Skype, and WhatsApp all provide free software for video calls that is simple and accessible to almost everyone. 

Facebook Videos  (live or recorded)

Recording a video for Facebook is a great way to send a message on social media, particularly those that require strong visuals. Followers also feel more attached to you when they can see your face and hear your voice. 

Facebook’s autoplay feature helps video posts grab more attention. That might explain why videos generate the most engagement of any type of Facebook post, and up to 59 percent more engagement than photos. 

Those who are feeling brave can also “go live” with a Facebook video. Followers will receive a notification that you’re broadcasting, which can serve to pique curiosity. “Going live” carries a level of excitement and urgency that can draw in viewers who want to know what’s up – especially when so many of us are socially isolating at home!

As you might imagine, going live can feel a bit awkward for some people at first. Rest assured, no one expects you to speak like a professional newscaster! In fact, a candid live video can actually make you seem more relatable to your viewers. 

Video Email

We often discuss the importance of sending emails directly to your subscribers. Email is still the most personal mode of digital communication, and can be the best way to reach much of your target demographic.

However, there’s no rule stating that emails must be in text format only! You can reap the benefits of a video format while presenting that information to followers on an individual basis. 

Services such as help you to deliver video straight to email, increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. The program is simple to use:

  • Point, click, and shoot your video
  • No download, links, or attachments needed; simply press “send” when you’re ready
  • Record your screen and/or yourself
  • Schedule videos to be sent on a desired date and time
  • Use “canned” or prerecorded video messages if you prefer

While video seems like a good idea under our current circumstances, we’ve already known for some time now that this format is growing in popularity. Business experts often say companies that adapt to challenges and identify new opportunities are the ones who continue to succeed, even after a challenging period in history is behind them. Adapting these strategies into your marketing approach now, and continuing them in the future, will aid in building relationships, retaining business, earning referrals, and converting followers into clients.  

Marketing is all about connection, and video is proving to be the next digital frontier. Let’s navigate it together. Contact us to learn more about how you can incorporate video into your digital marketing campaign now, and continue to build upon this opportunity as your business grows.