Being able to provide your clients with solutions to their problems is the first step to business success.  As experienced salespeople and business owners, you have learned this over the years.

But do your marketing efforts utilize this strategy?  Or do you only provide the “solution” after someone becomes a paying client?

Here’s a marketing secret that fast becoming not so much of a secret these days:

Offer consistent solutions and information to your prospects and you’ll convert more of them into clients.

Allow me to explain…

Regardless of your industry, your business has an optimal target audience- that demographic that is just perfect for your product or service.  It might be homeowners, young families, senior citizens, new car owners, business owners, or any other segment of the population.

Within that target demographic, often the same set of “worries” or “problems” will tend to exist.  For instance, most senior citizens are worried about their health and/or their finances.  Most homeowners worry about home maintenance, house payments, general expenses, etc…  And most business owners worry about generating income while avoiding unnecessary costs.  These are all things that tend to keep these groups awake at night!

So what?

Rather than focusing on your product and services when marketing to your target demographic, think about the issues that cause stress for them and keep them awake worrying.  THEN, develop content and marketing material (blog posts are perfect) that gives them potential answers and solutions to their concerns.

The Keys to Success

First of all, if you want this marketing method to work for you then you must use it consistently.  Marketing in spurts rarely yields results.  Get on a schedule of developing useful information weekly.  Use tools such as Google Alerts if you need fresh ideas for content.

Secondly, you must refrain from self-promotion.  For instance, telling a senior citizen that the way for them to gain peace of mind is by purchasing your product or service really won’t win you any fans or loyalty.  Instead, have the humility to provide solutions and information that is useful even to those who may never become your clients.  If done correctly, this method doesn’t cost you any additional time or money, but it will lead to higher sales conversions in the future.

Keep This in Mind

Most of your prospects are not ready to make a buying decision today.  By strategically becoming a reliable resource and information supplier to this group, you’ll create future referrals and sales for your business.  The end result is that by helping your prospects to sleep easy, your business grows and you enjoy restful nights too!