Your website plays an essential role in building your brand, your credibility, and your visibility. And yet, sometimes even when web traffic comes your way, your conversion rate disappoints you. The good news is that you’ve taken the right steps by creating a website and driving traffic to it. But if those visitors aren’t converting into clients, you’re feeling understandably frustrated.

The good news is that you probably just need to tweak your website a bit, and you can boost that conversion rate. Try these six steps to turn website visitors into regular contacts.

resultsStreamline your website. If visitors are offered too many different options when they land on your webpage, they could feel overwhelmed, confused about what to do next, or become distracted. Remove unnecessary clutter, such as extra images or clunky sidebars, so that they can focus on the content you want them to read.

Use click triggers. As you know, consumers don’t make instant decisions. As visitors peruse your website, you need to offer them little nuggets of reassurance that your company is the right choice for them. Click triggers are small phrases that subtly reassure your visitors that they are making a good decision, such as:

  • a simple affirmation that a free trial or offer won’t cost them anything
  • transparency about a sign-up process
  • product ratings or customer testimonials
  • guarantees – money-back, trial periods, and so on
  • listing a benefit, such as free shipping

Write a clear and compelling call to action. Think of this part as “directing traffic”. Once your viewers land on your page, you can ask them to perform certain actions. A call to action might only be a few words, but those words should be carefully chosen. A good call to action reminds customers what they stand to gain by providing their contact information, and it’s catchy enough to really grab their attention.

Simplify your forms. When you visitors decide to follow your call of action and fill out your contact form, you don’t want them to feel frustrated and abandon the whole thing moments later. Yet, this often happens when forms are lengthy or overly complicated. Remember, you’re asking them to take a moment of their time to do something for you, so make it as easy as possible.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. According to Google research, more people search for information from a cell phone or tablet than they do from a computer. But some websites are still geared toward desktop or laptop screens, rather than mobile devices. Since these devices often run on slower internet connections, you could lose customers if your website loads slowly. Declutter it, and make sure the conversion process is optimized for mobile devices.

Your website is often your first opportunity to make an impression on potential customers, and an opportunity is only what you make of it! Maximize your website using every tool that works for you, and you will soon feel more satisfied with your conversion rate.  Need assistance?  Give us a call or shoot us an email.