During this time of year, we often count our blessing and look for ways to give thanks.  With that in mind, consider this method of giving thanks to your loyal followers and clients not only now, but throughout the entire year.

It is often said that the best gifts are not material objects, but those intangible things that come from the heart. Your time, your wisdom, your assistance during a time of need… All of these gifts carry so much more meaning than a simple dollar value.  

However, in the case of marketing your business, the power of these gifts is that the more you give of them, the more you receive in return!

With content marketing, we focus not on “selling” but rather on building relationships with current and prospective clientele. We do this by offering up something of value that will inspire trust and confidence. When you succeed at this goal repeatedly, relationships thrive and you build a loyal following. 


Establishing credibility. Through blogging, instructional videos, emails, and social media posts, you can distribute information that addresses the concerns of your target demographic.

Start by asking questions such as: What are their problems? What do they need? What information do we have that could put their minds at ease? 

Then distribute this information to a carefully selected audience. By continually providing answers to their questions and problems, you establish yourself as the expert in that area of their lives. 


Building goodwill. Yes, this help is distributed “for free”. You aren’t charging your audience for access to this information, although you might ask them to click the share button or sign up for a newsletter (and they are often happy to do so). By providing these valuable resources, you build goodwill with your target demographic. They understand that you aren’t just trying to make a sale; you genuinely care about their problems and want to help. 

Building goodwill builds trust, and people like doing business with those that they trust. 


Becoming a trusted resource. Your blog readers, video viewers, email contacts, and social media followers all have one thing in common: They learn, over time, that they can count on you. 

Not only do you put out accurate information that answers their questions, but you also do it consistently. Week after week, you are present when they need your expertise. You email them regularly and post on social media reliably. You produce timely new blogs and videos, addressing up-to-date concerns. You answer questions or comments on social media. You appear engaged, responsive, and trustworthy. 


The gifts that give back. Marketing requires commitment, but all of your effort pays off in the long run. By giving the gift of relevant, helpful information to your audience, you will earn plenty in return. Over time your gifts come back around, in the form of loyal customers, repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising, and a stellar reputation.  

Contact us to learn more about producing web content to achieve these goals. We can show you how to package up the expertise you already own, and how to present it to your target clientele.