In our experience as a Temecula SEO and marketing company, we see this happen frequently…

If you are a small business owner, you most likely have a website.  It may be a project that required thousands of dollars or it could be something rather simple such as a do-it-yourself blog.  Either way, building and maintaining a well designed website involves the investment of both time and money.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners never recoup their investment as their sites get very little traffic and fail to generate business.  Here are some SEO content tips and strategies that can help you avoid wasting money and turn your website into an asset rather than a liability.

Proper Keyword Research

This is arguably the most important factor in building a successful business online.  Most site owners will say things like “I want to be on page one of Google”.  Well, yes, everyone wants page one rankings but to accomplish this, you must identify proper keywords within your niche, evaluate the competition for those keywords, and then integrate them into your website and your entire online marketing strategy.  If you fail to do any of these tasks, getting high search engine rankings can be difficult, if not impossible.  Ideally, these are steps considered when you first build your site.  If your site is already built and you are just now doing keyword research, you will probably need changes.

Proper Titles, Tags, and Descriptions

Most sites have improperly written titles, tags, and descriptions within their source making it harder for the search engines to find them.  These spots occupy valuable real estate on your web pages and if you do not take the time to write them correctly, you are putting your site at a disadvantage.  Keywords should be incorporated into each of these areas and here’s a big hint…  If your business name appears in the source code title, then these sections have probably been written poorly.

Proper “Off-Page” SEO Content

Unfortunately, making on-page changes is a great start, but you can not stop there. Obtaining and keeping high search engine rankings requires you to have an online marketing strategy that builds links to your website from other high authority sites.  These means you need valuable content posted on sites deemed important by search engines deem and this content must be linked with anchor text back to your website.  As a business owner, you can learn how to do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it but it must be done.  Google has recently changed its algorithms and demands this content and linking.  Gone are the days where you could simply trade links with other sites and expect page one status.  The search engines want content that is worthwhile, recent, and relevant linked back to your site.  Yes, this is going to cost you either an investment of time or money, but remember that Google wants to provide its customers with the newest, high-authority information online.  If you want to be on page one, then you need to be the one providing it.

Landing on page one isn’t a mystery or a secret.  It requires specific work done in an exact manner over an extended time. There are no shortcuts.  Follow the steps outlined above, make the proper investment into your site, and transform it into a life-long business asset.