Remember the last time a big news item impacted your business? It might have been a new law, a change in industry regulations, a big breakthrough in scientific research, or changing market conditions. Or perhaps it was just a local event, but it was nonetheless important to your customers. It might have changed the way you do business, or caused customer demand for a particular product to shift. Whatever it was, it was big news.

newsNow imagine two difference scenarios.

In the first, you casually discuss this news with customers whenever they come into your office. They appreciate the update, although some of them might have heard the news elsewhere. You keep sharing the news with customers when you see them, over the next several months. In time, you begin to realize that most of your customers have already heard this information. They might even have made important decisions based on it.

Scenario Number Two…

Upon hearing this news, you craft a well-written, informative blog to share it with your customers. You explain the implications, possible pros and cons, or any other details that they need to know. Then you distribute this blog across social media channels. Customers who follow you on social media get the news from you first. They share your blog with interested friends and family. If you boost your post on Facebook, you reach even more prospective customers in your area.

In the first scenario, you expend weeks or months of time and energy explaining old news to customers. For some of them, it’s a repeat of information they have previously heard. You don’t make much of an impact, because it’s old news to many of your customers, and they have already made a decision about it.

In the second scenario, you spend a few hours crafting a blog and distributing it online. Your customers, along with a greater target demographic of potential customers, get the news from you when it first breaks. In this scenario, the positive effects include:

  • you reach hundreds, perhaps thousands, of customers and potential customers
  • you spend a lot less time and energy spreading the news
  • you establish yourself as an expert in your industry, someone your customers can count on to keep them informed
  • you improve client retention
  • you gain new customers!

The first scenario might be your old way of doing things. But with new technology come new opportunities to accomplish tasks more quickly, boost your reputation, advance your business.

Industry news is going to happen and your customers are going to make decisions based on this news, how they heard it, and the guidance they received immediately after hearing it. When you distribute relevant new information to your target audience, you can leverage these events to benefit your business!

Now, why wouldn’t you want to do that?