Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and widely mis-used aspects of online marketing is a landing page.  To try and clear up the confusion and simplify, here is a basic overview of landing pages and how to make them an effective online marketing tool.

Typically, a landing page contains a Call to Action which is created for the purpose of inspiring your visitor to do something specific.  Some examples would be filling out a form, sharing information with a friend, or making a purchase.  A great example of a landing page can be found on my site

Landing page basics:

Easy to navigate: your landing page can not be overly crowded or confusing. Buttons and the call to action need to prominent.  You want your visitor to take action without thinking very hard.

Engage your visitor: The most common way to entice your visitor is via video.  Videos are powerful and can direct your visitor’s focus in a matter of seconds.

Targeted and Relevant: Your landing page needs to be relevant to the information you are marketing. Never have off topic information on your landing page, it will just create confusion and you may lose your visitor.

Simple and Clear:  Visitors need to know the purpose of your landing page quickly once they look at it.  You don’t want to lose visitors because they are lost and don’t understand your page’s purpose.

Improving your landing page:

Use video: While you may be able to create a successful landing page without video, it is rare and will take a very skilled writer using powerful graphic design.  A much more powerful method is a short, personal, and professional video of 2 minutes or less that plays automatically when you hit the page.

Simplify: Really take a step back and determine what you need and don’t need on the page.  This is important to create an environment that’s more user friendly and in the end will keep more visitors engaged.  Links that take the visitor away from the page may decrease your conversion rate.

Add value: Regardless of your niche, you must always add value.  If you have nothing of value on your page/site, visitors will click off and never return.

Properly optimized landing pages can create huge results for your business. You can install analytics on your page to know the exact responses of your visitors which in turn will allow you to measure, monitor, adjust and control. You can really understand what visitors are doing on your page, find out where they came from, what they clicked, and how long they stayed on your site.

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