Have you been blogging for a while?  Or maybe you just started?

At some point, every business owner with a blog will wonder if it’s “working” and ask themselves these types of questions…

  • What should I expect?
  • Is this actually helping me reach my audience?
  • What else should I be doing?
  • Am I maximizing my effort?

Sound familiar?

Blog success depends on consistency coupled with the correct strategy.  When follow the right formula, you build followers and credibility – two things that every company needs to thrive.

Remember, your business is built on relationships.  The stronger you build those bonds with your clients and prospects, the more success you’ll have.  Look at your blog as a tool to help you forge stronger ties with your existing network and, in doing so, it becomes a revenue generating asset.

Here are 6 blogging hints that can help you make it happen…

Hint #1

Ask yourself why your audience wants to read your blogs. Then strive to provide content that answers their questions, gives them valuable information, and keeps pace with the trends in your industry.

Hint #2

If search engine optimization is one of your goals, make sure you’ve researched the proper keywords and you’re using them in your blogs. Even the best content won’t get you far if no one can find it.

Hint #3 

A well-formatted, visually rich blog grabs attention and is more exciting to read. After crafting blogs that are engaging and informative, add pictures and graphics to go along with your content and increase its value to your audience.

Hint #4 

At its core, marketing is about building relationships, not simply “making a sale”. Take the time to really relate to your audience, and you will be rewarded with more organic shares, personal recommendations, and in time, increased sales.

Hint #5

Research your target audience, identifying their interests, concerns, needs, and so on. Create content geared toward that profile, and continue to examine feedback and adjust your approach as needed.

Hint #6

Email offers a direct line to your audience. Reaching out this way feels more personal, and takes the relationship to the next level.

Now that we’ve shared our tips with you, we welcome your feedback. Is there anything we need to clarify? Please contact us so that we can answer those questions for you.