You’ve probably encountered a few chatbots by now, and you’ve seen how they operate. When programmed appropriately, chatbots efficiently assist website visitors in navigation and can boost user satisfaction with those sites. 

But from your perspective, as a business owner, you might also be wondering how chatbots can help you. Check out the following eight ways that a chatbot can help you make sales…

Personalize visitor experiences. Chatbots greet customers, and can then remain on standby in the event visitors have further questions. For many, this makes the website feel friendlier and more helpful. 

Gather leads. Chatbots can gather the same information that you would normally seek via a contact form, but the format is more friendly for the visitor, and the automatic prompt helps you to boost engagement rates. After the visitor answers a few simple questions, usually in exchange for a free quote or some other offer, your sales team now has their contact information. 

Qualify and prioritize leads. Busy sales teams understand that treating every lead in the same manner only leads to frustration. Your chatbot can be programmed to ask the right questions, so that you can pre-qualify leads and then prioritize them by interest level. 

Sign up subscribers. After a brief interaction with a chatbot, visitors might opt into push notifications. Now you can reach them instantly with newsletters, new content, or special offers. 

Connect visitors with your support team. Contrary to popular belief, chatbots aren’t meant to replace customer support. They can, however, help your website visitors contact the right person for their needs, and gather relevant information for that support team member. This streamlines the process for both visitors and your support team. 

Help visitors locate resources. Chances are, your website already contains many answers to common visitor questions. Your chatbot can be programmed to ask the right questions and then provide helpful links, so that users can quickly navigate to the appropriate section of the site. 

Quickly provide vital information to customers. Some customers need a simple and direct answer to a question, such as an account balance or operating hours. A chatbot can provide that answer conveniently, boosting customer satisfaction with your overall service. 

Reduce employee workloads. After reading through the first seven items on this list, it’s easy to see how chatbots reduce employee workloads. By prescreening with a few simple questions, chatbots direct many visitors to resources and, when necessary, a support or sales team member can step in at the appropriate time. 

A chatbot can be programmed once and remain operational on your website for an extended period of time. Or, you can adjust the bot to suit your business’s changing priorities. Either way, it’s an easy way to streamline your web-based service, please customers, assist your sales team, and boost sales. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about adding a chatbot to your website, and we can help you determine if a bot is a good fit for your needs.