In 2020, almost every business owner realizes the importance of a social media presence. But because using social media for growing a small business is still new to most, it can be easy to make mistakes. As you continue to hone your social media skills, make sure to focus on these three “Shoulds” while avoiding these “Should Nots”.

You should…

Update your profile regularly. Your social media profile should contain all relevant and updated information about your company. Fill out the whole profile, avoiding any blank spaces, so that potential clients can easily locate the information they need.

Research and learn your network. Learn about the demographics drawn to each social media network, so that you can utilize the platform properly. Consider, also, how each network is utilized by its members. Some, like Twitter, are fast-moving and work great for sharing links or short blasts of information. Others encourage conversation, while still others are primarily visual and are used mostly for sharing pictures, graphics, and videos.

Once you understand the intent of each network, you can generate content geared specifically for that audience.

Engage with your followers. Respond to questions and comments, and try to spark conversation. Praise and critiques offer you an opportunity to display excellent customer service.

You should not…

Focus on yourself. It’s okay to post about yourself and your business, but those posts should be sprinkled among other relevant content. Share links from other sites, post polls to generate interest, and offer valuable information related to your industry as a whole.

Post without researching. Resist the urge to simply post the same content on each of your platforms. Instead, repurpose existing content so that it better fits with the intent of the network, and gear it toward the appropriate demographic.

Use social media for sales pitches. Social media revolves around nurturing relationships, rather than advertising for a quick sale. Keep that principle in mind as you engage with followers, so that you don’t appear overly pushy.

These concepts are relatively simple and straightforward, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. We can elaborate on each point and help you refine your social media content, so that each post truly hits the mark.