Social media provides the opportunity for your business to get noticed and make waves in your industry. Of course, the nature of platforms like Facebook could also lead to embarrassing faux pas. Before you dive in, check out this list of dos and don’ts. You want to make a splash, not a public bellyflop!

Do make a plan. Set definable goals by asking yourself questions such as,

  • “How many people do I want to reach each day?”
  • “How often do I plan to post?”
  • “What is my target demographic?”
  • …and so on

It’s much easier to reach a goal when you know what it is!

Do not just “play it by ear”. You might have great intentions, but those usually won’t get you far on their own. Without a defined plan, you aren’t likely to generate a consistent voice on social media. And consistency matters a great deal to your audience.

Do get personal. Take the time to ask and answer questions on your page. Reply personally to comments. Share exciting news about your company and your personal achievements. The point of social media is to build relationships.

Do not be generic. Avoid posting the types of mass-appeal marketing messages that your audience could see anywhere. Especially avoid these types of messages if you don’t intend to follow up by answering comments and questions.

Do be genuine. Showcase your real self (filtering for potentially offensive topics, of course). Put your sense of humor to work, and allow your caring side to shine through. Your audience can sense authenticity, and they will enjoy connecting with you.

Do not pretend to be something you’re not. Avoid messaging that doesn’t feel like “you”. Your audience will be turned off by anything that feels like a manipulative sales tactic.

Do provide something of value. Give your audience a reason to follow you. Become a trusted resource on your field of expertise, by offering useful information and tips relevant to your line of work.

Do not use your channel exclusively to sell. If all you post is “selling” language, your audience will quickly become annoyed by you. After all, that’s not the type of interaction they’re seeking on social media.

Do use social media to gather information. You can learn a tremendous amount of information about your target demographic. Listen to customer reports of pain points, gather information on competitors, stay current on industry news, and watch trending posts that give insight to your audience’s concerns and priorities.

Do not speak without listening. In the paragraph above, we described some effective ways to “listen” on social media. Beware the bad habit of simply blasting out messages and then logging off. Your audience will eventually sense that you’re only present on social media to promote yourself.

Do use social media to build trust. Keep that idea at the forefront of your mind, every time you create a post, reply to a comment, or answer a private message.

Do not close the deal. Yes, of course you want to close a sale, but move the conversation to the phone, email, or in person. Avoid pushing to close deals on social media. That’s not what it’s for, and not what your audience wants to experience on that platform.

Do you have any questions about the above dos and don’ts? Get it touch with us! We will be happy to clarify any of these points, and help you decide how they apply to your business more specifically.